February 18, 2011

Hello, Haight Street Whole Foods

Whole Foods, 690 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Yes, I braved the rain and was lucky to find a parking space in a lot that has high potential for causing much frustration down the line (think: Haight Street, small lot, new Whole Foods store).  But once I got inside, I have to say I was sort of in heaven.  Easily spent $40, and the shopping bag included: So yogurt, Whole Foods Bakery vegan chocolate donuts, chocolate loaf, and chocolate chip cookies (yes, we're noticing a theme here), Van's mini frozen egg, dairy, wheat free waffles, Back to Nature egg and dairy free chocolate chip cookies and honey graham sticks, and the Fillo Factory vegan filo sheets (don't have a plan for these yet but there has to be something creative to be done with them!).  Oh, and I threw in a grapefruit for good measure.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Whole Foods--allergy moms on the west side of town thank you!

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