February 4, 2011

Cheat sheets for the common allergens

Kids With Food Allergies is a great online resource to find allergen lists, recalls, recipes, and allergy-free specialty foods. To access some resources on the site, you need to be a member (dues-paying for some “premium” resources, and free membership for others). There is a message board that opens up discussions over concerns such as dealing with allergies in school.

My favorite freebies from Kids With Food Allergies are their lists of hidden names for allergens. No more hunting around for allergen lists! They do not claim to be comprehensive but I think they provide a pretty comprehensive list of allergens in their less common forms.

Find the allergen lists that pertain to your family's concerns. Print them out and add to them if you need to. Leave copies in your cars, on the refrigerator, and with caregivers and teachers. That way you or anyone in charge of your kids will have them handy for babysitting, grocery trips, and unplanned bites outside of home.

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  1. These printable cards are great! Even moms of allergic children (we're the ones reading every label of every product in the grocery store--you know, the ones with the whining toddler and crying baby in the cart!) have a hard time remembering all of the alternate allergen names!