Welcome to our journey toward becoming allergy-wise moms! 

We are two mothers of food-allergic children who met many years ago as college students.  We stayed in touch through mutual friends and later found ourselves both with children with severe food allergies! 

Living with food allergies has bonded us in a unique way similar to the bonds that new parents or soldiers in combat share.  There are many daily challenges that people with food allergies face that would otherwise go unnoticed: Your son’s class is having a Halloween party.  Will he feel left out because he can’t eat most of the treats and when can you make those homemade cupcakes?  Old friends just called and want to meet for pizza tonight.  Can your sensitive daughter get through dinner rash-free and tantrum-free or should you just pass on dinner?

What our blog aims to do is to be a place for getting tips, gaining insight, and airing our personal struggles with food allergies in a mostly non-allergic world.  From modified recipes, to must-have products, to stories of food adventures outside of the home, we’re giving you a glimpse of our lives in the hope that it will make your lives a little simpler and a lot safer.  We strive to inspire families with the confidence that we can manage this well and that we aren’t alone.  We also hope to spread valuable knowledge to people new to food allergies so that we can all work together to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.  

Our most important job is to raise our children to be the best they can be, and we strongly believe that it definitely takes a village to do this.  So we hope that as you read our stories and share our lives that you will consider us your village.  

Irene & Sarah