July 15, 2011

Berry Picking

Tristan was very disappointed that he couldn't take the cooking class at camp this year, since many of the recipes involved egg or dairy.  Little disappointments are common in his life--another classmate's birthday and another batch of Tristan-unfriendly cupcakes, cheese crackers after soccer practice, pizza party for his best friend...

Since I mentioned olallieberry and strawberry picking in Monday's post, I thought I'd share some more about our experience--perfect for all of my food allergic kids since they could partake in all the fruit picking and tasting--very exciting!

It does take a bit of planning since fruit seasons vary with the different types of fruit and also with the kinds of weather your area has been having.  So do a google search, followed by a phone call to the farm to make sure that the fruit is plentiful and ripe for the picking.  Then pack a picnic lunch, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and go!

We went to Pescadero in the Half Moon Bay area to Phipps Farm, where they grow strawberries until about September, and for a short season, olallieberries (mid-June until July).  They also had some birds, chickens, a hamster (?), a little play shack, and a bunch of old tractors the kids could climb all over that the boys couldn't get enough of.  Our friends brought their dog, and there were plenty of other little kids running around. 

There is a nominal fee to visit the farm--it was $3 a person, ages 5-59, and then the u-pick fruit was sold additionally for $3 a pound.  We ended up with several big bags of fruit and spent about $25.  Five or 6 picnic tables were perfect for snacking before heading home, but be forewarned that the store didn't really sell snacks other than produce and a few cold drinks, so it's best to bring your own, or plan on eating lots of berries! 

We passed about three beaches on the way there, and the kids really wanted to stop, but it was getting late, not to mention super foggy up and down the coast that day.  Maybe next time...

The best part about berry picking?  Logan's strawberry aversion is officially a strawberry obsession.  He can easily wipe out a basket in one sitting.  Yay! 

Anyone ever try Brentwood for fruit picking?  I'd love to hear your experience there.
old tractors = boys' heaven
They were very excited to search for "treasures" on the farm.
Logan was very careful to pick only the ripe strawberries.
Tristan was intent on picking a full basket full of strawberries, ripe or not.
Mission accomplished.
Addi was all about the sun protection.
An old shack made a great playhouse for the kids after they finished their snacks.
Satisfied with a good day's pickin'

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