July 4, 2011

Many Thanks--From Tristan

Our family is so grateful for the outpouring of well wishes we received after posting about Tristan's anaphylaxis scare.  Thank you so much--your support is felt and appreciated!

Tristan decided (with a gentle push from his mom-previously-a-school-teacher) to write his version of the events.  I tried to scan it in without success, so I'm going to type it as written by him:

On jun 28 I felt hot.  And I couldn't breathe.  I needed to take my eappen.  And after I could breathe.  And after I went to the hospital.  When I was at the hospital.  I was in a chair.  the chair was big.  When I was at the hospital siting in a big chair waching tv.  In 3 howers I went home.  The end.

It just goes to show how resilient kids are.  The most memorable part of the experience was the "big chair," and the tv, so I think he's gonna be all right.  :)

Thanks again everyone!  Happy fourth...and don't forget your epipens!

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