July 26, 2011

Product update: Trader Joe's Whole Grain Milk has been discontinued!

RIP July 2011.  Help bring it back!
Last week I was shopping in Trader Joe's and noticed that they were out of their lightly sweetened whole grain milk.  I figured it wasn't a big dealSometimes it takes a couple days for shelves to be restocked.  I bought a couple cartons of their unsweetened variety and figured I could just buy more whole grain milk next time.  Yesterday I still couldn't find any of our usual whole grain milk.  A GAW reader was kind enough to inform me that Trader Joe's has discontinued its whole grain milk line.  Noooooo!!!

I visited the company's website and sent in a comment.  Nikki of customer relations promptly replied to my concerns and confirmed that Trader Joe's has indeed discontinued selling whole grain milk due to poor sales.  She did say that the company is always open to hearing from its customers.  So if many customers contact Trader Joe's about a product's cancellation, the company may bring it back.

Our family loves Trader Joe's whole grain milk as an alternative to cow's milk and almond milk (to which my boys are allergic) and soy milk.  Compared with similar offerings at Whole Foods, Raley's, and Safeway, it is affordable and tastes pretty good.  If you are one of the many people who rely on whole grain milk as your dairy or soy substitute, I encourage you to write Trader Joe's immediately.  Your letter could make the difference!
*Update:  FYI: I bought some of the last cartons of Trader Joe's whole grain milk while on vacation in L.A.  I reread the label and now realize that it *does* contain soy in the form of soy lecithin.  I know some soy-allergic people can handle soy lecithin just fine but many cannot.  So this alternative might not work for milk- and soy-allergic people.  Almond milk does not contain milk or soy.

I hope Trader Joe's comes back with a similar milk substitute free of all the most common allergens.

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