June 10, 2011

Restaurant review: Miglet's Cupcake Shop

Located in Danville, Miglet's Cupcake Shop is a bakery in which all products are completely gluten-free. In addition to their array of gluten-free pastries and savories, Miglet's has widened their menu to offer safe options for people living with other food allergies, too. Some of their special offerings include vegan chocolate and vanilla cupcakes which are gluten-, dairy, soy-, and egg-free.

For the benefit of local GetAllergyWise readers, I decided to visit the shop with Ryken to sample some of their vegan cupcakes. (Yes, I took one for the GAW team.)

Ryken could hardly contain his excitement over being in a bakery where he could actually eat! He wanted to try everything. I narrowed our tasting to four of the six vegan flavors available that day: lemon blueberry, red velvet, vegan chocolate, and vegan coconut. The cupcakes were average to smallish (nowhere near the size of the monstrous Sprinkles vegan cupcakes we've tried). And how did they taste: pretty good! I especially liked the frosting on the vegan chocolate -- not too cloyingly sweet. My husband was a fan of the rich coconut.  Ryken liked the tangy lemon blueberry best. We didn't bother asking Callan because he was busy licking up every last crumb off the liners. :) 

At $3.00-$3.50 per cupcake, Miglet's offerings are not cheap. When you have special dietary concerns, though, the peace of mind in knowing that your gluten-allergic child can enjoy a treat worry-free may be worth it. For me they are a great option for special occasions.

Helpful hint: If you are local, "like" Miglet's Facebook page and will you receive updates on their daily offerings and special Buy One, Get One Free deals.

Happy Anniversary Miglet's!  Stop by for their anniversary celebration, this Saturday, June 11, 2011 from noon to 6 pm.  

** Updated August 30, 2011**
We had Miglet's cupcakes again today and they did not disappoint.  I also indulged in a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free chocolate crinkle cookie and a GFDFEF chocolate chip cookie.  Divine!

I've always baked my own cupcakes.  So after finally spending a few months checking out other cupcake shops, I've realized that Miglet's cupcakes are comparable in cost to other gluten-free cupcakes.  Also, they are sized the same as any ordinary cupcakes.  One cupcake was just right for each of my kids and I was pleased that they enjoyed frosting and cake!  My kids are notorious for only eating the frosting.

Sprinkles vegan cupcakes were my entry point into bakeshop cupcakes and now I realize those are abnormally huge.  (No wonder I gain a pound for each of their cupcakes...)

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