June 15, 2011

INGREDIENT CHANGE! Rainbo White Bread and Buns now have DAIRY

Why do they do that? 

At the market the other day, my husband (yes, being the good allergy wise dad he sometimes is) realized that our tried and true Rainbo white bread now contains dairy.  And so do the hamburger and hotdog buns.  So we're back to Milton's Healthy White, which has a different texture (not so Wonderbread-esque), but it works (or maybe it's just finally time to wean them off white bread!).  You can find several of Milton's varieties, including delicious dairy-free hotdog and hamburger buns at your local Trader Joes.


  1. Good job catching it, Dad! All the more reason to check labels even for foods we buy every week.

    Did the packaging at least tout a "new recipe" or "improved taste"? Scary to think what could have happened.

  2. Unfortunately everything looks exactly the same except the for the word "milk" on the bag in the ingredient list and allergen declaration at the end. We ate almost the whole bag! I may have dismissed a stomachache or two for crankiness. Ugh!

  3. We have a daughter with a milk allergy and have relied on this bread for two years now. It was great because it was easy to get at most local grocery stores. We were very lucky that our baby sitter noticed that it now contains milk the other day. This is very frustrating. The company should have made it more obvious. Shame on them. We learned the lesson that we must now always check lables, even of the foods that we have routinely relied on.

  4. I agree. It was a hard lesson for us too. We did find a Target brand dairy-free white bread. It's more thinly sliced and doesn't feel as soft, but it works for toast and sandwiches fine.