November 28, 2011

Felt Leaves

My felt kick isn't over yet.  I saw Martha's fall leaf placemats/trivets/whatever else you can think to use them for and loved the simplicity of them.  Throw them on your table, hang them on the windows, sew them onto a throw pillow or tree skirt.  I got red felt from Joanne's and, um, never got to finishing them for our Thanksgiving feast.  But now that I can take a breath, I'm thinking they're the perfect transitional decor piece for our ThanksChristmas season we've got going on here.  I mean, the Christmas music did start over a week ago now, and our Thanksgiving weekend tree trimming has officially become a tradition after three years!

So I blew up the template, pinned to a piece of folded red felt (so as to make two at the same time), cut out with fabric shears, and voila!  Instant room makeover--or at least, reason to show off my newly cleared off kitchen table.  Ah, simple pleasures.

Happy ThanksChristmas!

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