October 21, 2011

We Wanna See Those Smiling, Happy, Halloweeny Faces!

If your kids are anything like mine, they LIVE for Halloween.  By November 1st, they'll already be planning next year's costumes!  And love such a fun excuse to get creative and reserve some sewing time for myself.  It's a win-win. 
 Phineas, Madeline (The Audrey cape tutorial can be found at Simple Simon & Co.), & Ewok at Uesugi's Farm
My kids were very specific this year about their Halloween costumes.  *Sigh*...I start to reminisce about the days when a tiny bit of encouragement yielded the most classic Buzz and Woody combo. 

As they get older, not only are they more opinionated, but they're more tempted by the candy that fills their plastic pumpkins.  Each year, they excitedly climb stairs leading up to each Edwardian, collecting candy that they won't be allowed to eat.  At some point in the night they face the stark reality of their food allergies--as they watch other kids immediately rip wrappers off their spoils and devour them.  They always look to me--the allergy gatekeeper--with wistful, but mostly disappointed eyes.

In past years, I didn't have to do much but say, "We don't eat candy.  Give me your candy and I'll give you your [allergy-safe] cookie." 

Last year, Halloween landed in the middle of our Indian summer, and a trip to the grocery store to pick up their choice of popsicles and soy ice cream in anticipation of the big trade-in was enough. 

If you're fine with your kids having candy, but are overwhelmed by aisles and aisles of orange and black wrapped goodies, then check out BAAAB's Annual Halloween Safe Candy Lists for an extensive allergy-friendly treat list that is constantly updated and checked to make sure they make that each product continues to make the cut.  Have your kids trade in their Halloween candy for something from the list, just as delicious and even more sweet knowing that it's safe.

Need more help to quell their candy cravings?  Have them save up their candy for our Food Allergies Rock! candy exchange, grab a gently used book, and exchange it all for a new-to-you book (and all your children's teeth intact for another year).

I really am not sure what my plan is this year.  My mom's simple penny-per-piece-of-candy trade-in was enough for us as children.  Then again, Tristan is saving his pennies for an i-Pad, so I might have to up the ante if I go that route.  Kids these days.

I'd love to get some ideas about what you've done in years past or plan to do this year that will help keep your children safe--whether you have food allergic kids or non-allergic kids who have no business eating five pounds of candy ever in their lifetime.

Email me with your Halloween-safe ideas along with a picture of your kiddies in full costume (doesn't have to be this year's costumes), and I'll post them over the next few weeks--don't be shy!  I can't wait to see all of our Allergy Wise cuties all dressed up!

Send photos to: sarah@getallergywise.com

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