August 12, 2011

Earthbound Farms: Farmstand Summer Saturdays

You've seen Earthbound Farms at the market.  Deliciously fresh local organic produce like baby greens and strawberries.  During our trip to Monterey Bay, we visited the Earthbound Farms Farmstand in Carmel Valley, which includes an herb garden and kid's garden, and what looks like a corn field that will someday be a corn maze.
They couldn't resist.  They may have just had a teeny tiny tasting of fresh raspberries.
Saturdays they have events at the Farmstand, so we visited for some heirloom tomato and olive oil tasting one Saturday morning.  When the kids were finished running around the garden and picking up ladybugs, they went straight for the tomatoes at the Farmstand, and gobbled them up during our makeshift picnic.

Tristan had five ladybugs crawling all over him at one point.
Our allergy-friendly picnic from the Farmstand: raspberries, tomatoes, bean salad, and beet salad.
Visiting farms is a fantastic way to get our kids--especially our food allergic kids with limited diets--to eat more fruits and veggies, especially a kid-friendly farm like Earthbound Farms!  This time, Tristan found his inner love for persimmons, and Addison for raspberries.  Excellent.

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