August 8, 2011

Back to School Snack Review: New Products at Target

I was happily surprised at the variety of new allergy-conscious products I found on shelves at Target the other day, just in time for back-to-school.  At the beginning of the school year, I always buy at least a box of snacks for Tristan and Logan's classroom teachers clearly marked with their names to keep in case of birthdays and other celebrations.

Some of the stuff I saw included:
Gluten-Free Fudge Brownies, French Meadow Bakery  (sign into their website for a coupon)
Gluten-Free chocolate dipped donuts, Kinnikinnick Foods
Dairy-Free So Minis (ice cream sandwiches)
Purely Decadent Ice Cream
Enjoy Life Bars
Back-to-Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I decided to pick up some Enjoy Life Bars (a new potential snack) and Back-to-Nature cookies (an old favorite).

Enjoy Life Chewy On-the-Go Bars

These came in 4 flavors: caramel apple, sunbutter crunch, very berry, and cocoa loco.  I picked up sunbutter crunch and cocoa loco for my sunbutter and chocolate loving kids.

The cocoa loco had a good dark chocolate flavor, and for a bar, wasn't too sticky or hard.  That being said, it wasn't my most favorite thing in the world.  Chocoholic Addison ate almost a whole bar at the beach one day.  But the next time I gave one to her, she wasn't as thrilled, and ate about a quarter of the bar before searching my bag and asking, "What else do you have?"  Hmmm...

Ingredients cocoa loco Enjoy Life Bars

The sunbutter crunch bar had a harder texture than the cocoa loco.  It wasn't that appealing to me.  The kids wouldn't touch it.  Oh well.  I tried.

Ingredients Enjoy Life Sunbutter Crunch bars
After all that, I would still keep a few bars in my car as emergency snacks.  If they're hungry enough, they'll probably eat them, and being an Enjoy Life product, are free of the top 8 allergens in a dedicated nut and gluten free factory.

Back-to-Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These cookies remind me of Chips Ahoy cookies, but better.  They are egg and dairy free, which I love, and they actually taste really good.  The chocolate chunks are actual chunks, not chips.  They make a great stashed snack for your kids' classroom, as they're always satisfied with having these cookies instead of the egg and dairy-based cupcakes being served at most of the birthday parties.

Have fun browsing the Target aisles!  (I always do!)

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