May 5, 2011

Homemade Flower Cards for Mom--for even the youngest crafters!

So you're skipping the florist this year to avoid any pollen allergies (or for whatever reason), you've made your Tissue Paper Blooms with your older kids (elementary and up), and you have some tissue scraps left.  Your younger set will be so excited to have a craft of their own--just for mom and just as lovely!

Homemade Flower Cards for Mom

Cardstock or paper for cards, cut to desired size & folded in half
Tissue paper scraps of various colors
Glue (like Elmer's or Tacky Glue)
Paper cup
Pencil, crayons

Make sure you have the paintbrush and cup with your materials.  They really help out little hands get the glue where it needs to go.  I forgot about them until after I snapped the pic.


1.   Draw an outline of a flower (trace a circle and add petals) or stems with bulbs or circles (small kids will need an adult's or older child's help with this).

2.   Put a little glue in the cup, some water on the brush (just to dilute the glue slightly), and "paint" the glue onto the flower (you might want to have your child paint small sections at a time so the glue doesn't dry up on her). 

3.   Tear or cut tissue paper into a small piece (about 1-2" sides) and scrunch it up with your fingers.  The kids had fun tearing and scrunching!


4.   Fill in your flower outlines with your scrunchies (I told them to press down with one finger and to cover all the white glue).


Have your child dictate a message to you for their mom or grandma, and then he can write his name, trace letters, or, in Addi's case, scribble all over the card in her signature "loops."  Logan was SO proud of his creation! 

I think Addi may have added a snake and a butterfly (?) to her design.  :)

So lovely!  The grandmas and great-grandmas in our lives are gonna love these little works of art!

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