March 21, 2011

Welcome CityMommy!

Just wanted to welcome our fab Bay Area CityMommy mommies to what we hope will be a handy resource for your families, whether or not you have allergic children.  Everyone has food allergic children in their lives--whether nieces or nephews, neighbors, children's classmates...

We're here to tell our stories, share recipes and allergy-safe craft ideas, and direct you to ingredient and product lists to help demystify food allergies for everyone. 

And for you mommies who haven't yet checked out CityMommy (hullo...where have you been?), do so today and join free for invaluable info, great conversation, discounts, and giveaways specific to your city!  They've literally got CityMommy cities all over the country.  So start connecting with other mommies in your area today!

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