March 18, 2011

Product review: STATkids

When we enrolled my son, Ryken, in preschool it was a big step for our family.  It was the first time I would leave him in the care of someone else on a regular basis.  I was nervous about how he would react to not having mommy at his beck and call.  And I was nervous about his food allergies.

Thankfully I found a great preschool program.  Not only were the seasoned teachers loving and supportive but they were also extremely accommodating of Ryken's dairy and peanut allergies. 

When Ryken transitioned to Kindergarten this year I knew things would be a bit different.  Bigger class, fewer teachers, and more chaos overall.  I remember being a teacher of 20 and the challenging task of being attentive to everyone's needs all the time.  Nowadays it is even harder for teachers.  Class sizes are bigger while expectations have remained consistently high.

I began to look for helpful reminders of Ryken's food allergies.  After some online research, I came across a promising company called STATkids.  STATkids makes school and travel products that enable you to clearly indicate your child's allergies. With white writing on bright, eye-catching red, it's hard to miss the allergy alert.  The company's products include wristbands, health cards, and fanny packs.  Lunch bags and backpacks are also available and can be personalized with your child's name, too.

I bought small-size wristbands for Ryken that fit him perfectly.  He loves to wear them and they don't irritate his skin one bit.  If he wanted to, he could keep them on worry-free through hand-washing, swim class, and showers without fear of rusting or ruining them.  I also bought a fanny pack where we keep his Epi-Pen, Jr. set and a bottle of antihistamine. It's nice to be able to easily tote that whenever we go out.

Be sure to check out STATkids website for their full line of products and for competitive pricing.

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