September 17, 2012

Golden State Warriors Food Allergy Awareness Night, November 10th

We at GAW are helping out with the Bay Area's FAAN Food Allergy Walk.  Walk organizer Brian Hom has been working tirelessly to spread awareness about the dangers of food allergies.  His recent targets for change have been sporting events.

Brian was happy to share with us that the Golden State Warriors have designated their November 10th home game as Food Allergy Awareness Night.  The Golden State Warriors will be allocating a peanut-free section of approximately 160 seats.  A portion of every ticket sold in this section will be donated to the Bay Area's FAAN BJ Hom Memorial Walk.

Please note that while efforts will be made to pre-clean the area and discourage the consumption of peanuts in these sections, the Warriors management cannot guarantee that the area will remain completely safe from peanut exposure.  It is also important to note that the Golden State Warriors have a "no-outside-food" policy.  If you are a parent to kids with multiple food allergies, you're likely pack along food for wherever you go.  (At least I do!)  If you plan to attend the game but worry about the food rules, plan to have your kids eat filling meals before the game.  (Game time is 7:30pm but doors open at 6:00pm.)  If you want to try to bring along safe snacks, be sure to bring a letter from your allergist that confirms your child's food allergy diagnosis and the necessity for you to carry safe foods and medication for travel.  I honestly don't know if arena security will relax their rules for food-allergic guests but having a doctor's letter might help.  And of course, bring your EpiPens!

This is the first time an NBA organization is supporting a peanut-free cheering area, a big step for food allergy advocacy.  Thanks to some dedicated fans, the San Francisco Giants recently hosted a successful peanut-free zone at their August 26th game against the Braves.  The Giants event was very successful, the organization would like to plan more peanut-free zones for their 2013 season.  With more professional sports teams accommodating the needs of their food-sensitive fans, there is hope for more public awareness about the prevalence and dangers of food allergies...and more hope for safer, enjoyable public outings for all!

For the latest information on the Bay Area's FAAN walk and related fundraising events such as the Golden State Warriors game, check out the group's Facebook page.  And be sure to reserve your tickets through Mika Lewis!


  1. It's a late game for little ones but we will at least try to get T there, if not L too. Such a fantastic opportunity to show our support of food allergies and cheer on our Golden State Warriors! Thanks for posting the info!

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