May 11, 2012

My Mother's Day Wishlist

Seeing as Mother's Day is a few days away, we're going to keep things simple this year.  I started to think about what I would really like to do or have for Mother's Day, and came up with a few ideas that any husband-led band of kids should be able to achieve.  And truly, guys, we love stuff that comes straight from the heart.

1. Pack a picnic.  Um, just to clarify, packing a picnic...requires much more planning than going on a picnic.  This weather we're having (early Indian summer, please stay with us...please please please!) just screams picnic, but somehow, well let's face it, I am always the one to pack the picnic foods.  Got to have everyone's favorites--soybutter sandwiches, no jam on this one, cut in triangles not squares, etc.  If just for one day, I could sit back and enjoy the meal without the chaos that is sure to ensue in the minutes before screaming "Shoes on everybody now!" that would make for a pretty special Mother's Day.  Just sayin'.  
Some picnic ideas:

2.  Family Portrait.  It doesn't get much cuter than this.  Have your kids draw family portraits using bright markers, oil pastels, or a combination of markers and watercolors.  Put a frame on it for an added touch.  If all else fails, any piece of original artwork will be much loved.

Artwork by Tristan, using oil pastels
3.  Breakfast in bed.  Classic.  I guarantee you, this never gets old.  Have your kids design a menu of items that will be served.  Let older kids pour the milk, cereal, and juice, have little kids pull out plastic plates or trays.  Try yogurt parfaits or fruit smoothies for an easy, healthful option.  After sleeping in a few hours, mom will be hungry.

4.  Family Tree.  Create a family tree and have your kids add names, draw pictures, or glue on photos.
5.  Video.  Compile all of that video you have of the kids and create a simple movie.  Mom will be reminded of how it's all worth it.

6.   Acrostic.  Spell "Mommy" down the left side of a piece of paper and let older kids fill in a poem about mommy.

7.   Clean.  Clean up a part of the house that is notoriously messy or cluttered.  She won't even mind being awoken by the sounds of the plates clattering or the vacuum roaring!

8.   Coffee Filter Flowers.  Last year we made tissue paper flowers for the moms in our lives, and this year I wanted to try these coffee filter flowers.  To make them a bit more kid-friendly to make, I used scotch tape to attach the top and bottom coffee filter to a cake pop stick, and cut a slit through a layered batch with a scissor.  The kids had fun scrunching and squirting a water/beet juice mixture with a spray bottle.  Just be careful!

9.   Gift Ideas.  It's rare that my husband and I agree on what a romantic, lovely, useful gift looks like.  It took some thinking, but here are my picks for those of you who feel you must go out and buy something. Hey, nothin' wrong with that!
  • Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter.  A lip exfoliator/lip balm all in one.  Organic brown sugar on one side exfoliates, while the tinted lip plumper moistens and gives a bit of shine.  Gluten-free, but contains macadamia nut oil.  
  • Keurig Single Cup Brewing System  I don't understand how I ever lived without my new coffee maker.  Brews one cup at a time, so the babysitter, mother-in-law, or any visitor can have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in minutes.
  • Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners  In lieu of parchment paper, it's a fantastic pan liner for baking cookies every time.  I use it to roll out dough, too, and it's perfectly nonstick.  
  • Statement Necklace A statement necklace is just what its name says it is--it's a necklace that makes a statement.  I handpicked this Stella and Dot one at a fundraiser for my Mother's Day gift--what a win-win.  This Tessellate Necklace from J. Crew goes into my queue of must-haves.  Ahem...
  • Skip Hop Central Park Blanket and Cooler Bag.  The creme de la creme of picnic blankets.  Water resistant, folds up with carrying strap, and comes in super cute colors.  Comes with a cooler bag now.  They've thought of everything, haven't they?
  • Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle in fuchsia and black.  Not only does it looks awesome, will hydrate you throughout the day (and you know how dehydrated us moms get!), it's made of glass so no more chemicals with my water, thank you very much.  Comes with a cool silicone sleeve in a variety of colors.  
  • Fillmore Bake Shop Macarons  I try not to rope myself into falling in love with too many sweets shops that sell stuff that none of the kids can eat, but a girl has to have her sinful delights (all kept in my top cabinet, above the fridge).  My lovely sister-in-law (thanks Theresa!) brought a box of these over to me the other day, and they were absolutely heavenly.  Aaah.  So many flavors, so little time.  

The key to winning mom's heart on Mother's Day is to remember that you've already won her over.  But being extra thoughtful and kind to each other will really make her day.

Happy Mother's Day ladies!  Enjoy!


  1. I love how you made a list of options. I need to do one next year.
    My usual motto is, "Daddy is full duty! Mum does not want to be bothered. All I want to do is knit in peace. No cooking or dishes."

  2. Oh, and I need to try that shop's macaroons.

  3. Kepanie. Daddy on full duty sounds divine! I clearly remember one year when number two was still a tot and I ordered everyone out of the house for Mother's Day so I could clean in peace. :) Ah, how our idea of luxury changes when we have kids!

  4. Excellent list of suggestions. I agree with both of you, Kepanie and Sarah. I would like the day all to myself to do whatever I want with no interruptions and no meals to cook, no messes to clean hanging over my head.

    I love the coffee filter art project. My husband wants the Keurig for Father's Day so maybe soon we will have lots of coffee filters free for the crafting!

    Happy Mother's Day, ladies!

  5. Sarah, I wish I read this one earlier. I would have emailed the link straight to my husband! Haha! Next year I guess. ;)

  6. Irene, I hope you got your relaxing Mother's Day! Michelle, yes, there's always next year...Happy Mother's Day!