January 20, 2012

49er Furikake Chex Mix

I know I promised you more Chinese New Year recipes, and I swear they're in the works, but I had to address something a bit more urgent for us San Franciscans.  I mean, we'll celebrate Chinese New Year for another three weeks, but the 2012 NFC Championship will only come around once.  In our fair city.  On Sunday afternoon.  Incredible!

I have two brothers.  Therefore, I was forced to watch games every Sunday growing up (or at least they were in the background while I played with my dollhouse).  There was church.  There were football games.  Then dinner and bed.  So for all you Niner fans who've waited patiently for this day, don't make the same mistake I did--30 minutes before last week's game I tried to get takeout on Clement St. along with everyone else grabbing something to munch on while watching the game.  Get to the market.  Buy the ingredients.  Make the Furikake Chex Mix.  You know you want to...

And unlike the traditional Chex snack mix, this one doesn't contain nuts (note: Furikake and soy sauce do contain soy)!

49er Furikake Chex Mix (from my friend Sarabeth, who reminded me of the existence of this delicious and addictive snack!)

Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Nut Free

½ cup Earth Balance margarine
½ cup sugar, heaping
½ cup white (light) corn syrup
2 T. soy sauce
2 -- 12oz. boxes of Crispix or 1 box corn Chex 1 box rice Chex (I use which ever is cheaper)
½ bottle of Furikake (I like to use the Nori Komi Fumi flavor because some other ones have fish in them)
1 large roasting pan or two sheet pans


Preheat oven to 250*

Put cereal into large foil-lined roasting pan and set aside (use large bowl if using sheet pans).

Melt margarine, sugar, corn syrup, and soy sauce in small sauce pan or pot stirring until dissolved. 

While you're waiting for mom to mix the cereal and syrup mixture in the other pan, sneak a few bites of cereal.
Pour syrup mixture over cereal and mix gently. Sprinkle furikake evenly over cereal and mix well, gently. Stick pan into oven and bake for 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes. (If using two sheet pans, distribute cereal equally and then bake following same baking instructions.)

I know, I know, not the healthiest of snack ideas...but in small doses guarantees to be a crowd pleaser.  For some other NFC Championship-worthy ideas, check out Irene's allergy-friendly recipes for hummus and guacamole, or make a batch of kale chips.  Go Niners!


  1. Made this. I forgot about this snack too. Boy it's good. But it does make a ton! I had 13 cups of this stuff. But shared with other dance moms.

  2. Who doesn't love this snack, right? Best when shared. :)

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