December 15, 2011

Review: HomeFree Treats

When my kids and I attended the BJ Hom Jr. Memorial 5K and FAAN walk in October, we had a terrific time.  The weather was gorgeous, there was music and a bounce house.  We were able to meet new people and learn about some unique allergy-friendly businesses including Generation Allergy whose customizable allergy education videos were showcased at our Food Allergies Rock event.  And of course, my milk- and nut-allergic boys were able to eat!  There were so many tasty, safe snacks at the FAAN event that my boys really were like kids in a candy store.

I was familiar with most of the walk sponsors like Dr. Lucy's Cookies and Sunbutter.  However, one sponsor, HomeFree Treats, was brand new to me.  HomeFree donated packs of mini chocolate chip cookies for the event.  Being the chocoholics that we are, the kids and I opened these first before any other treat.

Oh my.

I can't tell you the last time I had Famous Amos but I do remember the taste.  And HomeFree chocolate chip cookies definitely reminded me of those!  They were crunchy like Famous Amos but lighter, more airy.  They had just the right balance of cookie versus chocolate chips to be satisfying.  I reached the end of my bag and wondered if we had picked up any extras that I could sneak-eat.  (Yes, when you're obsessed with little cookies, the idea of sharing with your kids falls to the wayside!)

HomeFree Treats was begun by Jill Robbins, a clinical psychologist mom of a food-allergic child.  Robbins understood first hand the impact on kids when they are excluded from birthday treats and other special occasion sweets due to their food allergies.  Robbins was inspired to create delicious, wholesome products that can be enjoyed by most everyone.  HomeFree products are made in a dedicated facility that is free from dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds as well as fish and shellfish.  The facility was built for HomeFree from the ground up so none of the aforementioned allergens have ever come into their facility.  The company takes pride in its stringent practices and their continued efforts to prevent cross contamination through frequent random testing for allergens.

The vanilla mini cookie is the 2011 winner of Shape Magazine's award for Best Snack.

HomeFree Treats are made with natural and organic ingredients.  All products are free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts and cookies are available as gluten-free.  In addition the vanilla mini-cookies and oatmeal cookies are soy-free while the soy in other HomeFree products is limited to soy lecithin.  Mini cookies are sold in boxes of about 32 or in sets of 10 single-serving packs containing 6 cookies apiece.  The single-sizes would be perfect additions to your child's school treat box for those unplanned class celebrations and parent-donated birthday cupcakes!
We tried vanilla, chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip -- all three delicious!

Originating on the east coast, HomeFree is now making its way into California specialty stores such as Whole Foods Markets in Southern California and independent health food stores.  Can't find them on your store's shelves?  Talk to your store's manager about carrying HomeFree Treats and submit a written request form such as this.  Customer requests can make a big impact on what products stores decide to sell.

If they aren't yet in a store near you, HomeFree products including cookies, coffee cake, and cookbooks are available for purchase online on the company's website.  Consider putting them on your list of allergy-friendly gifts or stocking up on safe treats for this holiday season!


  1. Thank you for the nice review. So glad you and your little one enjoy our cookies!

  2. Thanks for introducing these to me. We must try them!

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