September 12, 2011

Happy Girl Kitchen Company in Pacific Grove: Egg-Free Baked Goods & More

Yet another Pacific Grove post.  Can you tell how much I loved living there over the summer?

I actually discovered Happy Girl Kitchen Company after finding out that they sell Blue Bottle Coffee, and well, I needed my coffee fix.  I found out that they are SO much more than coffee--this place is amazing!  They have a food preservation community complete with classes, newsletters, and a Food Preservationists' Bulk Purchase Program with pick-up locations all around the Bay Area and Central Coast.  At their PG location, they also offer baking workshops and a fantastic selection of delicious jams and other preserved foods.

Most notably for us, all of their baked goods are always egg-free and freshly baked on site by an incredible baker named Stephanie Stein.  Scones, muffins--oh my!  The berry scones are seriously the best scones I've  ever had.  The kids were all over the muffins.  Sometimes she uses almond meal in her baked goods, so if you have any tree nut allergies in your family, you'll want to check with the cashiers, or if you're lucky enough, Stephanie herself.  Be sure to also order toast with your choice of a long list of house-made jams, and then take some home with you! 
Sorry, this photo is not doing this delicious berry scone justice.

The perfect way to start your day in PG.  Just a few blocks away from the Monterey Bay Aquarium,  wake up a little early and have yourself a proper breakfast before venturing out with the kids!

For all you Bay Area residents, find them at the Ferry Building (minus the baked goods) to restock your favorite jams, juices, and pickled beets.  Mmmm...


  1. Sometimes my craving for Steph's scones is so hardcore, I want to fly across the country. So much love to Happy Girl.

  2. I totally agree. I didn't know I loved scones before I tasted hers! :)

  3. Heading out to the Monterey area soon and will definitely need to check out these egg-free baked goods! Thanks!