April 4, 2012

Easter for the Egg Allergic

Now I know you must be wondering what our egg-allergic family is doing for Easter this year.  Well the answer is: not much.  We've been so busy with trip after event after trip and getting back into the swing of things over and over and over.  Not to mention Tristan's first standardized test is right around the corner, and both of us can't wait to be over and done with these practice test packets.

We still have lots of goodies for you from last year, along with a new idea for a sweet Easter treat.  Hopefully, you'll still find the inspiration you're looking for.

Last year, Michelle showed us how to glitter our plastic eggs, which proved to be a fantastically fancy and kid-friendly way to decorate eggless eggs.

At our house, we thought up a few more ways to adorn our plastic eggs using stickers, stick-on gems, and decoupage, googly eyes, and felt.  My hope was that this year we'd try out Eggnots, a new dyeable, ceramic egg, but I dropped the ball on that one, and will have to save it for next year.

Decoupage your Easter eggs for some fun texture and color

Add all sorts of stickers

Stick-on gems adds sparkle

Last year, Irene made beautiful Easter chocolates, perfect for stuffing Easter baskets.

Allergy-friendly Easter chocolates
I attempted some Rice Crispy Eggs using some extra plastic eggs I had as molds.  The kids couldn't get enough of these.

Rice Crispy Eggs
I was able to dig up an egg/nest project that Michelle had prepared for a baby shower we threw a few years back.  I thought it would work perfectly for Easter, too.  You can make them with just chocolate or a chocolate and soybutter (or another allergy-friendly butter) mix.  Just melt about 12 oz of chocolate chips (we use dairy-free Trader Joes semisweet chocolate chips) with 1/2 c. of soybutter, and mix with a box of shredded wheat.  Line a cupcake pan with foil or paper liners and shape mixture into nests.  Let cool.  Add allergy-friendly jelly-beans.

Shredded wheat nests
Photo credit: Michelle T.
So you see, there is still plenty of time to whip up some egg-free treats for your cuties this Easter.  Have fun and most importantly, try to spend some quality time with family!


  1. I'm going to make the rice krispy ones...but put treats in the middle...we shall see how they turn out...

  2. I've seen that before. Let me know how that works out. The mixture will be a bit warm when you're forming the egg, so nothing that melts easily. Take some pics!

  3. So many fun ideas. I love the bird's nests. Maybe I will experiment and try to use (brown) rice krispies cereal for a gluten-free option!

  4. Very neat ideas! The Easter egg party we had attended had some plastic eggs filled with little erasers or Easter ornaments which I thought was a good idea and alternative to candy.