April 13, 2011

Egg-Allergy Friendly Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here and for parents of egg-allergic kids it can be a challenge.  Here's a simple and kid-friendly Easter Egg craft that will keep little fingers quite busy.

Glitter Eggs

Here's what you'll need:

plastic eggs (mine had holes in the top, which were useful for hanging the eggs later)
glue dots (I used 1/2 inch dots)
glitter (fine worked best, I bought an assorted pack, this doesn't require a lot of glitter)
small bowls
used dryer sheets
large cookies sheets

Apply glue dots, pressing firmly before pulling the plastic backing off.  I used 8-12 glue dots per egg.

Put some glitter in a bowl and put that bowl on a cookie sheet (to help prevent inevitable spills).  

Dip your finger into the glitter and apply to the glue dots.  I poured glitter, dipped the egg...but found the finger method to be the most effective and least messy.   Once you've got all your glue dots covered, use the dryer sheet to gently wipe the excess glitter off over a cookie sheet or glitter bowl.


You can use the same color glitter for the egg, or mix it up.  I tried to keep it simple for the kids and only used 3 colors of glitter on an assortment of eggs.

I decided to use some simple green ribbon and hang my eggs from some branches we found at the park.  It's the Easter Egg Tree.   Pretty, right?

We made quite a few of these, so I'll use them for the egg hunt as well.  I "try" to avoid giving my kids candy, so usually put some stickers, tattoos and erasers in the eggs.