April 27, 2011

Could a cure be on the horizon?? A recent study suggests "maybe".

Milk jugs, perhaps we will meet again soon? (Credit: BlueWaikiki.com via Flickr)

An article on today's edition of SFGate.com is reporting some very promising research in the treatment of food allergies.

A Stanford University research team has conducted trials to test new approaches for treating patients with milk allergies.  The experimental therapy involves using a drug called omalizumab for 16 weeks to prevent the immune system from responding to certain allergens while gradually exposing patients to increasing amounts of milk powder to desensitize them to the allergen.  After the 16-week desensitization period, the drug was no longer given and patients still were given increasing doses of milk.  SFGate reports that of the 11 patients who began the trials, 10 can consume as much dairy as they want today without any problem.


Read more about the research here at Stanford Medicine's site.  And share your thoughts.  Skeptical?  Excited?  Searching for Stanford's contact information in the hopes of signing on as a test subject?  (Oops, that would be me.)

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