June 1, 2012

Take and go placemat tutorial by Michelle T.

Summer is around the corner and there will undoubtedly be some perfect picnic days ahead.  In lieu of eating out in restaurants, which can be risky for food allergic children, we are big picnic people.  And isn't it just a little more fun to spread out a blanket wherever you are and start digging in?

I challenged Get Allergy Wise contributor and awesome seamstress extraordinaire Michelle T. to make a travel placemat, perfect for food allergic children or anyone eating on the go! 

I found oilcloth at Fabrix on Clement St. for $2.39 a yard, gave some to Michelle, and here's what she came up with.  Awesome.  (I especially like the use of binder clips to hold the oilcloth together for sewing!).  Happy picnicking!


This placemat will hold your utensils and napkin and roll up in a nice, convenient bundle.  It's not hard to make, but some sewing experience would be helpful.

You'll need
1/2 yard oilcloth
22 inches of ribbon
sewing machine

Here, you'll want to sew from the top arrow to the bottom one, starting
1/4 inch from the top of the pocket piece and stopping 1/4 inch from the bottom 
of the pocket piece.

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