April 16, 2012

Product Review: CJ Mini Wontons (Chicken and Cilantro)

I pride myself in staying well even when the whole clan is sick.  There I am, wiping up noses all day, tossing out wads of dirty tissues, getting coughed at--yes--in the face, and not getting sick. 

Well, last week was not one of those weeks.  A fever, chills, and body ache knocked me out for four whole days, and little by little, I watched as the contents of the fridge and freezer dwindled, leaving behind several small plates of leftovers, many of which had become unrecognizable, some expired fruits and veggies, and a few bags of food I keep in the freezer just in case. 

From the depths of a usually overpacked freezer, I pulled out the Korean dumpling-inspired CJ  Mini Wontons (Chicken and Cilantro) I picked up at Costco on my last visit.  On almost every grocery shopping trip, I find myself pulling a few new-to-me products from the shelves and reading the ingredients, in case one would make a good candidate for a new staple at our house.  I especially love finding healthy frozen foods.  If anything makes my life easier, it's foods like this--not having to sacrifice taste, healthfulness, or cooking time is a real treat.

CJ Mini Wontons
  • They are free of egg, dairy, nuts, and shellfish--perfect for my food allergic kids!  (Note: they do contain wheat and soy)
  • They cook up quick and easy.  Just pan fry with some oil and steam with a bit of water, or boil, or even microwave!
  • My kids, my husband, and I all loved the flavor and texture of these dumplings
  • They contain no artificial ingredients
  • They are bite-sized, so make a great snack or meal
  • Inexpensive
  • Sauce is not included in the bag, but there is a recipe for one on the back of the bag
  • One of my kids noted that the dumpling was "spicy," but almost everything is spicy to him

No egg, dairy, nuts, or shellfish

So the next time you're at Costco, look for these in the freezer section.  They're definitely worth a try, and have officially become a staple in our freezer from now on.


  1. This is a VERY strange question... We ate these a few nights ago with dinner... YES - VERY DELICIOUS...

    However, I have been very worried for a few days now, and just read something about "BEAN THREAD" being an ingredient in these tonight.

    Can someone tell me what this looks like ? I had a scare the other day, but now am wondering if it was indeed these "BEAN THREADS" that I saw. :/

  2. Bean threads are only cellophane noodles.